Sorry, Technical Difficulties

I’m getting the feeling that I’m attracting bad luck to my news team, Team UnBIASed.

One of our assignments for the week was make a video profiling Stony Brook’s Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP). We planned on interviewing the project director Dr. Carlos Vidal and the education specialist Mr. Erik Flynn at the university’s Health Science Center. Brittany, Ian, Stephanie and I worked together to record the interview and things went according to plan. Or so we thought.

After the interview with Dr. Vidal and Mr. Flynn on Tuesday, we got started on editing the video. But soon Team UnBIASed made a crushing discovery: There was no audio. Maybe the microphone wasn’t on, maybe it wasn’t plugged into the camera, but the point is that the video was unusable.

But it seemed that all was not lost. We were going to go back to the Health Science center on Thursday to interview some of the students in the HCOP program. We could use that footage for the video and we’d all live happily ever after, right? WRONG.

We asked four teenagers about their experiences at HCOP. Their answers gave us good information for our article and video. But when we got back to the Newsroom for editing, guess what we found. No audio. AGAIN. What was with these microphones?!

The next time I interview someone on video, I swear on everything to double–no TRIPLE–check that the microphone is working.