A Blooming Discovery

After just touching base on how to use a still camera the day before, I’ve already discovered a new passion that was heightened after few hours of freedom at the Long Island Ducks game. I was a little shy with the professional camera at first and was unsure what would classify as a good photograph, but then I started getting up close shots of the players and really got into it.

I soon found myself all over the stands, crouching on the ground trying to get action shots. I lost track of time and was completely surprised when a team member, Liza, approached me and said we only had a half hour left. It’s crazy how fast time flies when your doing something you really love. This journalism program has made all the difference in my life and has pushed me in a direction I never thought possible. It’s also helped me realize that as much as I love watching CBS 2 News at 5, broadcasting is not the path for me.

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