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The End

I never thought this day would come. It’s time to leave? Already?? I forgot what it was like to not sit in the air-conditioned newsroom, staring at a computer all day. Continue reading

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Stony Brook Baseball: Shocking the world

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After defeating six-time national champion Louisiana State University on their home field in Baton Rouge, Seawolves fans finally realized how close the team was to the College World Series. Continue reading

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The broadcast jitters

I slowly inhaled and exhaled in an attempt to steady my pounding heart. As soon as I heard them mention the record-breaking temperatures, I knew that was my cue. I smiled brightly, took a deep breath in, and opened my mouth to speak. Continue reading

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Sarah Schreiner: A zest for life, meeting new people

Sarah Schreiner

Although she slept the least, Sarah was by far the most energetic person in the group this week. At age three, Sarah Schreiner slid the Spice Girls’ movie into her VHS machine and jumped onto her couch, loudly singing along. Not much has changed since then. Continue reading

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Off to a great start

Tweet After waking up at 7 a.m. and not stopping until the end of our video workshop at 9 p.m., I truly learned what it is like to be a busy college journalism student. Our day was off to a … Continue reading

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An unexpected ice-breaker: Apples to Apples

We walked into the lounge as twenty-one nervous, anxious individuals, apprehensive about how the first night of the summer program would go. Thanks to Apples to Apples, we exited feeling like a tight-knit community, excited for the eventful week together ahead. Continue reading

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