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Out and About

Failure to properly report not only misinforms the public but also hurts your reputation. Continue reading

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I think that everyone who was part of this program will agree that they have never experienced anything like this before and will never experience anything like it after. Continue reading

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Hitting the ground running


After our 6:50 a.m. wake up [: ( ], i wasn’t sure what to expect on my first day with the Greene team. After breakfast at the Student Activities Center, we made our way to the newsroom, the place where we’ll spend most of our time here at Stony Brook. As I walked into the newsroom, I was amazed. Continue reading

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Greene Team at work

The Greene Team gets interviews going at Bethpage Ballpark on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Just a baseball game?

It’s amazing what you learn at a baseball game. We as human beings crave attention but when we get it, we hate it. Look at movie stars as another example – they strive for the spotlight and once they have it, they hate it. Continue reading

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Margaret Neal: ‘Green’ activist brings skills, passion to J-camp

Margaret Neal

At a young age, Margaret Neal was reading and writing stories and poems, an interest that turned into a passion that she took with her to Lynbrook High School where she is acting op-ed editor of Horizon. Subjects of her pieces range from women’s rights to space travel, and she is still eager to expand her journalistic horizons by attending the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. Continue reading

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An arrival, ‘Apples to Apples’ and an awakening

Whether it be playing Apples to Apples, basketball or watching Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man , I already get the sense that we’re accomplishing our goal. Continue reading

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