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Last night for kindred spirits

So this going to be my last night here. This was an amazing experience that I will always remember. I had so much fun, even when I was fumbling around on Final Cut Pro. I’m going to miss everyone here; I really don’t want to go home yet. Continue reading

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My second German film

Last night, we of the Greene Team watched Westwind, an independent German movie, at the Stony Brook Film Festival. I don’t know about everyone else, but this is actually my second time watching a film from Germany. Continue reading

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Ducks’ flock comes for the baseball, and the fun

Long Island Ducks fans gather at Bethpage Ballpark on Tuesday July 24, 2012 to watch the Long Island Ducks play the Maryland Blue Crabs. Photo by Matthew Maron

Being a Long Island Ducks fan means a love not just for baseball, but also for good times in a friendly atmosphere. Well into the night, fans could still be heard chanting, “Let’s go Ducks!” Continue reading

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I’ve never licked my own elbow

I’ve never tasted my elbow. As a matter of fact, no one has ever tasted their elbow. Every time I try to lick my elbow, I just miss. By that logic, I will never truly know what my elbow tastes like. Others, maybe, but never my own. Continue reading

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Disclaimer: Broadcast team not responsible for lost souls

You know the old superstition that cameras steal your souls? Well, let’s just say that was the least of my worries about getting in front of a camera. Continue reading

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Matthew Kolbert: Aspiring New York Times editor

Matthew Kolbert

Look out New York Times editors; there’s a new, young journalist on the rise and he’s out for your jobs. After Matt expressed an interest in journalism, his father was a little skeptical. It was not that he disapproved of Matt’s choice. He was merely concerned about his future. Continue reading

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Cool rooms, cool roomie at journalism institute

For my first time away from home in a college environment, things were really not that bad. Continue reading

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