The basics of photo and video

First off, yesterday we learned the three main components of photography, which were ISO, shutter speed and aperture. The ISO controls the sensitivity of the light going through the lens. The shutter speed regulates the speed of the camera shot. Lastly, the aperture controls the amount of light going through the lens.

Later in the day, we were taught how to properly shoot video on a tripod and learned the keys to do this task in the most professional and accurate way possible. Professor Rick Ricioppo was the individual who taught us these skills. Some of them were to shoot low-angle shots, make most of the pictures three-dimensional and to give layers to each picture. By this he meant that some of the information in the photograph had to be close while the rest of the photo had to show background aspects to create depth to the picture.

We learned that an average shot in a TV News piece lasts between three and five seconds.

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