Chalkboards and SMART Boards

Throughout history, class struggles have plagued humans. There has always been one class with more income and job prospects over another. This class has usually been referred to as the “haves”, while those struggling to make ends meet are the “have nots”. Even today, we see the 99 percent demonstrating their outrage. However, the information age has brought another struggle: technology. (Karl Marx and Education)

On the Greene team’s ride over to Newsday, many students revealed how their school has the disadvantage when it comes to technology. As the conversation continued, some discussed the use of SMART Board for elementary students, while others commented, “We have chalkboards.”

The shock of primitive school supplies was further analyzed as we went over budget votes, industry and real estate.

When budget votes are conducted, the result can have lasting effects. If a budget vote fails, the school, the teachers and ultimately the students suffer. Even housing costs are affected. Would a couple want to move where the budget failed and risk their children’s academic future? Shouldn’t people look beyond the scope of money? If the information age has taught us anything, it is to see into the future. Invest in the future for us students.

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