Natalia Barr: ‘Doing what I want to do in life’

Natalia Barr

Baldwin High School junior Natalia Barr has writing in her genes. And like mutating genes, her writing has gone through a bunch of changes. While it took Natalia until middle school to find her own voice, since then it has allowed her to express her personality and style. Continue reading

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Liza Bell: Finding her own voice through journalism, Model UN

Liza Bell

Liza Bell struggled with selective muteness until the age of three. But as Secretary-General of Model United Nations today, Liza has found her own voice. Continue reading


Paul Cohen: Dad’s advice sparks love for journalism

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen’s deep passion for journalism began after his father convinced him to take a class in the subject when he was a freshman in high school. “I was not interested at first,” he said. “However, I tried it and it has been something I have loved ever since.” Continue reading

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Daniel Correa: Heart set on sports broadcasting

Daniel Correa

Daniel Correa had his heart set on a career in journalism ever since middle school and he’s now taking steps to reach his goal. Daniel is a fond believer of exposing issues and corruption by speaking his mind. A career in journalism will allow him to propose ideas and make progress towards beneficial change, he said. Continue reading

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Lyla Dale: Writer’s passion for news took hold early

Lyla Dale

Lyla Dale knew from an early age that she had a passion for spreading the news. In fourth grade, she recalls making her own newspaper to hand out to classmates and informing her young peers about the world around them. Continue reading

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Alexandra Henaghan: Blazing a trail with help from teachers

Alexandra Henaghan

Alexandra Henaghan laughs at how much different her public speaking would be if it weren’t for the people who have pushed her. Continue reading

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Hannah Fagin: A student of the world

Hannah Fagin

Hannah expressed excitement about attending the Greene journalism program. “I want to see if journalism can be a future career path for me,” she said. Continue reading

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Ashley Johnson: Camera shy no more, open to new career paths

Ashley Johnson

Ashley’s first major journalism experience happened by accident when she and a few friends entered a documentary into the National History Contest and discovered the many qualities and facets of journalism. Ashley has spent her time writing poetry and entering in writing contests. Continue reading

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Darrell Jones II: Sports jock turns sports journo at Greene j-camp

Darrell Jones II

Darrell Jones knows good advice when he hears it, and when his mom told him that he should take a look at Stony Brook University’s journalism program for high school students, he jumped at the chance to try something different. Continue reading

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Ciara Kernan: Art lover & musician

Ciara Kernan

Ciara Kernan is pursuing volunteer work of finding and saving Long Island’s endangered diamondback terrapin turtles. It’s part of her larger pursuit of an interesting and meaningful life. Continue reading

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Matthew Kolbert: Aspiring New York Times editor

Matthew Kolbert

Look out New York Times editors; there’s a new, young journalist on the rise and he’s out for your jobs. After Matt expressed an interest in journalism, his father was a little skeptical. It was not that he disapproved of Matt’s choice. He was merely concerned about his future. Continue reading

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Rebecca Lewis: Call her a ‘realist’

Rebecca Lewis

Instead of reading Cosmo like many teenage girls, Rebecca Lewis prefers to stick her nose into a dusty comic book. Preferably one about her hero, Batman. Continue reading

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Matthew Maron: Reviving journalism

Matthew Maron

After Matthew Maron uncovered an old high school newspaper, he decided to revive the paper after almost 10 years of collecting dust. This, among other things, have sparked his interest in journalism and led him to take the Bob Greene Summer Institute at Stony Brook University. Continue reading

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Margaret Neal: ‘Green’ activist brings skills, passion to J-camp

Margaret Neal

At a young age, Margaret Neal was reading and writing stories and poems, an interest that turned into a passion that she took with her to Lynbrook High School where she is acting op-ed editor of Horizon. Subjects of her pieces range from women’s rights to space travel, and she is still eager to expand her journalistic horizons by attending the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. Continue reading

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Joshua Odam: Motivated by those who told him he couldn’t

Joshua Odam

Josh Odam said he keeps motivated by those who have told him he couldn’t – and that he shouldn’t – do something. “When it comes to my goals and attaining them I feel that people are either with me or against me because not contributing to the solution you’re just adding to it.” Continue reading

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Glenda Sanchez: Dedicated to journalism – in two languages

Glenda Sanchez

Glenda Sanchez is so dedicated to Roosevelt High School’s newspaper, The Rough Writers, that many of her peers and teachers – including her principal – suggested the publication be renamed Glenda’s Newspaper. Continue reading


Sarah Schreiner: A zest for life, meeting new people

Sarah Schreiner

Although she slept the least, Sarah was by far the most energetic person in the group this week. At age three, Sarah Schreiner slid the Spice Girls’ movie into her VHS machine and jumped onto her couch, loudly singing along. Not much has changed since then. Continue reading

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Chloe Shakin: Hooked at a young age on writing

Chloe Shakin

Chloe Shakin never goes anywhere without carrying a book. Reading has fanned her love of writing. At first, Chloe dreamed of writing novels. But as a freshman at Jericho High School she found a new love: journalism. Continue reading

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Rachel Siford: Lover of both achievement and mayhem

Rachel Siford

Rachel Siford is a high achiever who is drawn to the dark side. She likes her As and her novels about sex, drugs and mayhem. “That’s me,” she joked. “I feel like I might have a dark side inside of me.” Continue reading

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William Stieglitz: Using his imagination to the fullest

William Stieglitz

William Stieglitz composes plays, pens poems and writes stories, too – all examples of his deep interest in creative writing and journalism. He is excited to be a part of the Greene Team this summer, but is also nervous.  He looks forward to learning about the different types of journalism. Continue reading

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Katherine Zito: Inspired to fight social injustices

Katherine Zito

Inspired by such books as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Katherine Zito has long had  a passion for social justice. Now she is acting on that passion. As a senior at Baldwin High School, she joined the school’s newspaper “The Golden Wave.” Continue reading

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