Coming together for something greater

On Sunday, we met each other and on Saturday we knew each other. Just think how we were all in that circle meeting Marcy on the June night of our program orientation. Of course, we dreaded having all the work thrust upon us, but now having completed the journalism boot camp, I can say, I survived. We all did. We supported each other, we shared our thoughts and we came together.

I feel so fortunate that I took my English teacher, Mr. Fertmann’s, advice. He told everyone to apply because it would be a great experience. Out of the 40 or so AP students, I took the initiative. We worked mornings to get the application essay perfect and I could not be happier.

I do not remember the exact quote from my essay, but it said something along the lines of a bygone era of journalism and the anticipation of the journalistic future. I am no longer my bygone self and will continue to reflect on how I have changed.

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