First Impressions of SBU

I am starting become skeptical of the horror stories I have heard about college dorms. Other than the occasional strange sounds from outside (garbage trucks and car alarms) my first night here at SBU was quite enjoyable. Walking into my room to find a roommate clad in batman apparel was a nice site to see (though I am more of  a Marvel girl myself). The first night proved to be eventful, with a thriving 20-person game of Apples to Apples, which I won, and a comical showing of “She’s the Man” before bed. All in all, I enjoyed my experience so far and am excited for the rest of the week.

I think that this week will help everyone understand what the “college experience” really means. We are fortunate to be sharing this week with each other and the enthusiastic Stony Brook staff. They all make being away from home far less intimidating than I anticipated.

I am sure the entire Greene Team is in for some interesting experiences this week, and I am certainly glad to be along for the ride (even if the closet in my dorm is not easily accessible for vertically challenged folks such as myself).

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