First impressions

I have never been away from my parents for an entire week before. As I saw them walk down the steps leaving me alone in my residence hall, I grew more and more frightened. My biggest fear of joining the Greene Gazette this summer was meeting new people and not making any friends. That fear was quickly eliminated when I met everyone and we formed a huge game of Apples to Apples in the lounge. Everyone has been extremely nice and friendly which made adjusting to my first college experience much easier. Having tons of free food has been one of the major perks of staying at Stony Brook University.

We have heard two lectures thus far: the first about blogging and the second being an introduction to journalism. Both were very exciting because it was like sitting in a college class. They really made me think analytically about the field and opened my eyes to what being a successful journalist really is. I want to be able to use those new tips to refine my skills and apply them to my future journalism career. I know that I will be able to take what I learned in this short first experience with the Greene Gazette in my own school newspaper and in college.

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