Flowers don’t judge

In this day and age, most people love themselves more than anything else. They would probably spend hours looking in the mirror if they could. I probably pass at least 12 people a day looking at their reflection in their phones. Having a good sense of confidence is healthy while others overdose on it.

Today we had to take self portraits, and let’s just say I wasn’t very happy. I like being behind the scenes more, hiding behind equipment. Laying down on the grass taking pictures of myself with a huge camera drew some odd looks from passing college kids. There is something about my face that doesn’t get along with the camera. One of my eyes get really small while the other one expands – I guess you could say I am not photogenic.

Videotaping was very interesting, though. I mostly liked it because flowers can’t criticize your work. I still don’t completely understand the different settings because my memory space is the size of a pea. Some days I am lucky if I can remember my phone number. As a future journalist I need to learn to deal with people and not only objects.

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