Future Holds All

I can’t even explain how much I have taken away this week.  Even though I am leaving my dorm room, the computer lab, and the campus behind , I will take my experience and lessons with me.  The 20 new kids I met this week have all impacted me with their intellect, humor, and pure kindness.  We are all so different yet somehow we blend together.  I have been blown away this week by everyone’s talent, hopefully some of their talent has rubbed off on me.  This week has also opened doors to worlds I had locked a long time ago.  I have always been resilient to new technology.  I have always stuck to Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia.  For my group I was assigned to film, cut, and edit the video.  As I made mistake after mistake I eventually learned the ropes. Even though this is a cliche, seeing the final project made all the work worth it.  When I was five, I had a dream of becoming a movie director but soon after that I transferred my interests to cooking.  Maybe 5-year-old me was on to something.  Perhaps my new interest could be more than a hobby.  When it comes down to it the future is all uncertain but what I do know is I am ready for the challenge.

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