Goodbye, for now, Stony Brook

I can’t believe tonight is the last night I’ll be sleeping in the dorms with all my new great friends.  I will genuinely miss all the laughs I had with the Greene Team, because I have had some really memorable talks.

One of the best parts of staying at Stony Brook University this week was reviving my love of photography.  Professor John Williams inspired me to go back to taking photography classes in school.

I have learned so many great tips to apply to my newspaper at school. I know that I will be able to teach my staff all the tips on writing that I learned from my amazing professors.

This experience has definitely been eye-opening because now my love for journalism is even stronger than before. I have made life-long friends with people who share the same interests as mine.

I have never learned so much in this one short week than I have in my entire life. It is an experience I will carry with me forever and has given me a rock solid foundation. All my new hilarious friends and all the new knowledge I have learned have made this the most inspiring week of my life.

Hopefully I will come back to Stony Brook next year for as a real college student!

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