How do you turn this thing on?

Photography has never really been important or fascinating to me. I never really understood how people could spend their whole lives behind a camera until now. At first, I thought I would never understand how to use a professional camera, let alone take good photos.

Professor John Williams, our photographer teacher showed us how to use the camera in a way that I thought was never going to work. We were first given the camera and told to go take pictures outside without even telling us how to turn the camera on. He brought us back in and explained to us the different settings on the camera but didnt tell us how to change them, which I thought was completely bizarre. But if he did not explain it so thourougly at first I would have been completly lost when he finally did show us the step by step outside and then let us explore.

We then went outside to take self portraits, which  probably made us seem really conceited to the Stony Brook students. The four hours of that class was not long enough and I could have spent all day exploring the camera and what it can do.

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