Last night for kindred spirits

So this going to be my last night here. This was an amazing experience that I will always remember. I had so much fun, even when I was fumbling around on Final Cut Pro. I’m going to miss everyone here; I really don’t want to go home yet. This program really should have been longer (sorry, Mom, I know you miss me). I was stunned by how quickly I felt comfortable here, something that almost never happens. Same with my roommate, Maggie. Who knew I would find someone else whom I could converse with about all my unusual interests? Needless to say, this was a much welcomed surprise.

I loved everything about this program, whether it was learning photography, learning video editing (which I’m still terrible at), or improving my writing. I know that being here has made me a better journalist.

Mostly I want to say thank you to all the professors, editors, writers, photographers and students who took time out of their busy schedules to help us crazy kids learn more about journalism. Really, thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t have been here and we wouldn’t have learned.

Now I can’t wait for the reunion!

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One Response to Last night for kindred spirits

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, I missed you, but I knew you were having an incredible time, and that you were really happy. Believe it or not, I was almost as sorry to see the week end as you were. Besides the journalism skills you were honing, I know you met really interesting people, and made some great friends. I’m grateful to all those who made the experience so meaningful for you.

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