Lights, camera, freeze

I have never been impressed with TV anchors.  Basically they need two qualifications: to look good and be able to read.  Today I found out there is much more to the job than that.  Even the set was intimidating.  It’s an odd thing seeing a table and chairs on a nice platform with the only thing surrounding it is wires.

I have a history of freezing up under pressure so I was relieved to find out my group was going last in our on-camera exercise.  But as more groups went the pressure grew. So many thoughts were going through my head: Remember to throw it back to the anchors, pick three questions and stare at the person. My mind went completely blank at soon as the camera turned on me.

Trying to act upbeat when you’re dying inside is a hard feat to conquer. I managed to mumble over my words but was not as lucky when it came to my interview. I tried to read notes on my hand but ended up looking more idiotic. I could feel my face getting redder by the second.  I collapsed in my chair when I was done.  I did get one thing out of this though: I can now permanently cross TV anchor off my list of career choices.


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