Making dad proud (or maybe just jealous)

My family is crazy.

Baseball crazy to be exact. Odds are if there is no answer at the Neal family door it is because it is baseball season (though for us that is summer, spring AND fall). My dad and brother are the worst (or the best, depending how you look at it). Both Anthonys are very involved in our town’s travel team: The Cyclones. Dear ol’ dad is the team’s manager and the little brother is a master of pitching, hitting, fielding and all things in between.

So, naturally, my first time away from home two of my days have revolved around baseball. Did you guys in charge plot with my mom to formulate the perfect way to get me to miss home?

Yesterday sparked the slight homesickness.

Hearing stories of big leaguers straight from ‘Coach’ Bob Herzog was just the beginning, and was certainly something the boys back home would be jealous of.

The Ducks game distinctly reminded me of a game that the entire Cyclones “family” had attended of the minor league Brooklyn Cyclones. After the game, there were fireworks and we all rode the cyclone at Coney Island.

This morning when we were given our assignment to interview the Stony Brook baseball team, I was instantly reminded of Father’s Day this year.

My family was gathered at a local restaurant to eat as a celebration. As we waited, we were standing in view of the television behind the bar. And wouldn’t you know that it was tuned into a SBU baseball game. Needless to say, a portion of our night was dedicated to discussing how SBU was helping bring baseball recognition to the Northeast.

While were interviewing the players and exploring the athletic facilities it was impossible to keep the boys off my mind!

P.S: Hey, Ant, if you are reading this it is never too early to start thinking about college and SBU sure has a lot to offer, especially to someone as dedicated to the sport of baseball as you.

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