My new friend: QuackerJack

Sometimes a moment feels like a day, and yesterday felt like a week. All day I was fighting the urge to close my eyes and sleep. Even though the information and lectures were interesting, they were no match for my three hours of sleep.

The excitement was pumped up when we arrived at the Ducks game. The constant duck quacks coming from kids hyped up on cotton candy was enough to get me back to the present. The thought of interviewing kids sounded easy and fun.

First rule of journalism: nothing is as easy as it seems. The children would hide behind their parents and sometimes even run away.

Second rule of journalism: kids get creeped out when you ask them to quack.

My highlight though was getting very close to the famous QuackerJack. At one point he tried to give me a hug and I walked away. It’s pathetic but I am a little scared of mascots. They are humans walking around in a huge, furry costume -doesn’t that sound illogical? Eventually I went back and gave him a awkward squeeze because the kids were booing me. I never would have thought I would be peer-pressured by kids to hug a duck. There’s something about having the word “Press” on your shirt which gives you a new sense of confidence. The confidence does get knocked down though when Ducks fans ask you when your footage will be on the news – they frown when you respond it will be on the Greene Gazette website instead. All in all I really enjoyed interacting with the Ducks fans.

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