On a mission to stand out

I’ve been away from home before. With four years of sleep away camp under my belt, you would think that being a part of this program is what I’m comfortable with and what I’m used to. Wrong. Camp is all about playing games and being in the great outdoors. I am writing to you, my readers, from a computer in an air-conditioned newsroom. I’m definitely not at camp anymore.

For the first time, I’m eating, working, and living with people who share my same interest. It’s amazing to know that the passion I have had for so long can be utilized as a career, and other students feel the same way. However, the experience is also slightly intimidating and overwhelming. So many students are amazing journalists with so much or so little experience. Where do I fit in? I want to stand out in this program. I want people to understand that I am serious about working in this industry and that I plan to go as far as my writing and my new experiences will take me. I was given a press pass for a reason. I am going to be the best that I can be, and let everyone know that Natalia Barr is on a mission to be a distinguished budding journalist in this program.

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