Picture perfect

I have survived another twenty-four hours on the Greene Team.  The first few days were extremely fast-paced and exciting. My favorite part was the photography lesson from Professor John Williams. He told us to have fun with the cameras and let us go outside to take pictures. At first the cameras were on the automatic setting, so it was very simple. After he had us put them on manual, which made it much more difficult because we had to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture by ourselves. At first I had a lot of trouble with that but I quickly adapted and ended up taking some great pictures. This has made me consider photojournalism for a career option, and I will definitely take more classes on it in college.

The rest of the day was very interesting as well because we learned about being a “photog,” which is a person who films video for the news. Working the camera was a little challenging for me, but by the end of the class I learned many helpful hints, which were put to good use at the Ducks game where my team and I recorded interviews for a news story. Editing is the next step to that project which is nerve-wracking because I have no experience in that! Wish me luck!

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