Real Journalism in 1 week

Eye-opening, fun yet hard are the words I would use to describe my week here at SBU.

I never knew that in just a week I could be exposed to so much and many platforms of journalism. Journalism is far off from just writing! I have come to learn so much of myself that I never even knew was in me. But this week has made me better in many aspects such as social life, professional life and just made me a much more well rounded person with much more skills.

I thought that writing was all I would be interested in but NEWSFLASH I actually prefer online! It is what is in the now and what people use the most.

In the years to come who knows what form of media that will be taking over the journalism world.

Twitter was never my thing and it’s still not my favorite but now I know that its crucial to show off my writing and journalistic approach to things going on in the world and expose it to the online world. I actually wrote blogs! I know they’re not the best but I’m not used to blogging at all but when I finally get back home I will try to tweet and make my own blog or even website.

When school begins again I will try to get more kids to join my school’s newspaper and make it beyond the three to five kids who actually care. Writing is not the only part of a school newspaper because as journalists we have to find a way of engaging the reader in many ways, such as pictures.

Photography is now something I want to practice more and hopefully (fingers crossed) I get a real camera for my birthday.

Shout out to the Greene Team for making this week fun and just something new and different. Glad I got to meet all the unique people and professors. Even though I was shy this week I really enjoyed how we all got along.

Go Gang Green!

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