Reporting for the Greene Team, this is Natalia Barr

I have been dreading writing this blog. If I write a blog about leaving this amazing program, that would mean that it’s over. I really do not want this week to be over.

This week has been both one of the longest and shortest weeks of my life. Every day was so long that just the hours between breakfast and lunch seemed like days. At the same time, telling myself that tomorrow is my last day seems surreal. The week went by too fast for me, and I can honestly say I would go through it over and over again.

Today at dinner, each one of us said what we gained from being part of this program. That’s when it clicked for me. As each person spoke about leaving, my heart sunk a little more. Although I was stressed and tired all week, I would do so much to avoid leaving tomorrow. I expected to meet people this week, but I definitely did not expect to become friends with every single person in the program.

To avoid getting too upset, I am trying to think of the end of this week as something beginning in my life. I have made friends that I plan to keep, and I have gained skills that will last my entire life. I have even decided that I am finally going to start a blog, which I have been wanting to do for months now. Journalism has become more than an idea or a dream that I’ve had. After having real, hands-on journalistic experiences, I know that I can be a journalist and this is what I want to do in my life.

It always seemed like I was the only student who really loved to write, who loved understanding the world and who wanted to be a journalist. I have finally met students who proved me wrong, showing me more talent and ambition than I have ever seen from someone my age. I learned that I was never alone as a young aspiring journalist. My peers in this program were always there with the same exact dream.

I know that every member of the Greene Team is going to succeed in their life, whether they plan to continue journalism or not. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this week will never be forgotten. Even when we’re working at our local papers, blogs, news channels and radio stations, each one of us will be able to look back  on this program. After all, this program is what will have gotten us to those places in the first place.

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