Reunions at the Ducks game

The longest I have stayed away from home had been for four days, so this week has made me miss my town. Luckily, Bethpage Ballpark (where the Ducks play) is about a ten minute drive from my town. When my team began capturing the game, one of my best friends, Adriana, approached me. She works at concessions, so I let her know I would be visiting. We talked during the seventh inning stretch as she swept near the Quacker Snacks stand.

Throughout the game, I live tweeted and worked with Ali on photography. As we walked around to find good shots of the plate, I saw my gym teacher Ms. Sewell. We spoke for a little about the Journalism program and the summer.

It was great seeing some familiar faces at the Ducks game that I have not seen since I left for this program.

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