So many fields, so little time

Apart from writing, I have had very limited experience in the field of journalism.

On Monday I learned just how broad journalism really is. When someone says that they are a journalist, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a writer!

Learning about photography was so exciting to me. I have never used a professional camera before, and to be honest, it was slightly intimidating. After learning the proper ways to work with the exposure of the camera, like using shutter speed and aperture, I found myself taking the nicest pictures I have ever taken. I started looking at the campus in a completely different light, and any ordinary object could be turned into an extraordinary picture.

One of the photos I was most proud of!

Learning the video-making aspect of journalism really opened my eyes. I never understood just how difficult the job can be, and how quickly journalists need to film and edit videos for the nightly news. It was fascinating to learn what goes into taking the perfect shot, having the right audio and putting a video together that is smooth and captivating to the viewer.

Although writing is still my favorite aspect of journalism, I can’t help but think I may also have potential careers in other fields of journalism as well.

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