Technology for dummies

Being at SBU for a few days, we have been using quite a bit of their electronics. From experimenting with HDD video cameras to giant Macs, I have come to a realization about myself: I am technologically impaired. Strange words to hear from a child of the age of technology, right?

Coming into this program I was considerably clueless about how to hold a camera properly and had no idea what ISO or shutter speed was, and certainly didn’t know what they meant for a photo. But now, I have a new knowledge of the art of photography (not that I am going to become a world-class photojournalist any time soon).

This is not such an intimidating device after all.

While I came here for writing as my main objective, being exposed to other forms of journalism has been quite rewarding. I am also very excited for learning about the online side of journalism since this year my high school paper (Horizon) is launching a website.

I can’t believe how much this program is getting me excited for Horizon next year, and it has certainly gotten me in the college mindset.

I am happy that I will be able to go home and say that I have experience with technology that was so foreign to me beforehand.

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