The art of attraction and my profile story

In psychology, we learned that over time, when we are constantly exposed to a certain person or thing, we tend to become more attached and attracted to that object.

This is not true of our profile assignment. The longer those 500 words appeared on my computer screen, the more frustrating I got. For hours it seemed the only progress I made was through the backspace button.

On the brink of a mental breakdown, Professor Ahmad came over to help me find my lead. He shared a story about how his editor sent him out to photograph his story, even though he was a writer and had no experience with a camera.

This story was meant to exemplify the type of story that made a good news hook. But to me, this represented much more. I hope in the next days I can follow his lead. Instead of second guessing myself and worrying so much about not being good enough, I need to make an effort to take more risks and try out new things. A motivational text message from my mother reads, “You’re not expected to know everything. You’re here to learn!”

And by the way, the feeling of pressing the “submit for review” button on my profile story was a great relief.

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