The glass is half full

As I sit here I am quite sad. Do you know why I am so upset?  Well, a few hours ago I seemed to misplace my phone, but little did I know that it is actually lost and cannot be found at this point. You’d be shocked to know that in only one year, that phone was already my fifth replacement of the Android Galaxy S.

Now unsurprisingly, it has vanished off the face of the earth. Thus, I will inevitably have to get a sixth replacement of the very same phone. The employees at the Sprint store must love me by now.

I’ve been particularly losing things today. First, this stressful day began with the finishing up of my group’s multiple projects. As luck has it, the Final Cut Pro gave us trouble. This app was definitely frustrating to work with, considering the various technical things that were involved in making a simple three-minute news report.

Saving work on a computer can be pretty difficult when the swirling rainbow colored circle refuses to go away.  Upon the computer freezing on several occasions, much work was lost. This was certainly not helpful with a deadline nearing its way. Fortunately, we managed and were quite successful. After all, it is hard work that makes accomplishments all worthwhile.

Despite all this, there are significant things that will never be lost; the knowledge I’ve gained from this incredible experience and the beautiful bonds I’ve formed along the way!

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