The hardest week of my life. The greatest week of my life.

Well, this is it. My very last blog post. I don’t think words can properly describe this week, not the work I’ve done nor the people I’ve met. There’s something magical about the Robert Greene Institute of High School Journalism. We all come here, slightly timid, quite excited, and of course nervous. We come expecting hard work and get unbelievably difficult piles of stress. We expect inspiring professors and receive masters of the trade. We come expecting friendly people and fellow journalists, and end up with amazing new friends and maybe even future co-workers. This week has exceeded my expectations to a degree that can not be explained.

But I’ll try. This week I learned to do more than just write, something I used to do exclusively. I liked taking photos, but I never saw it as something with journalistic value. Now I do. Video struck me as the lackey’s job, the invisible faces behind the camera that truly didn’t matter. After editing video myself, I see exactly the time and effort that goes behind it, and the talent it requires to do well. I saw reporters as pretty faces with nice voices, and I now see that their job is nerve-wracking, intensive, and high responsibility. I’ve come to respect all aspects of the world of journalism. I have to thank the professors who have taught so well for this revelation. You are responsible for throwing me into the real world of journalism, and without you I could have carried on with my misconceptions forever.

I know blogs aren’t supposed to be long, but I have to mention my fellow “students” here. The people I’ve worked with are the most intelligent, personable, and entertaining I’ve ever met. I feel like we have become our own little journalism family in just one week, and now we all have to part ways. I know we’ll all keep up, but I just wish we had another week.

This week has truly changed me. My old ideas are completely removed, my skills have been increased, my mind is more open than ever. I realize now that journalism is more than CNN anchors and New York Times articles. Every journalistic source, be it a photo gallery on Newsday or a video on a local Patch , requires a skill set of enormous proportion. This week feels like only the beginning of my training in a career I would love to pursue. I came in as a writer, and I’m leaving a journalist.

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