‘Westwind’ evokes raw emotion

I have always been a hopeless romantic.  What girl can resist a classic love story?  The movie “Westwind” is a new take on the power of love.  It tells a story about two sisters from East Germany committed to the sport of rowing.  The only thing they are more committed to is each other.  This all becomes questionable when the girls meet boys from West Germany.

The acting was extrodinary.  I think I am literally in love with the main male actor. I hope Zac Efron won’t be jealous.  The emotions of the film felt very real. The main reason I enjoyed the movie is because it felt raw. It felt more like I was a observer in the woods than a viewer in the audience. The chemistry of the sisters especially felt intense. The song at the end of the movie stuck with me. The image of the sister hitchhiking left a haunting image. At the end I felt very depressed but also jealous that the sister ended up with the cute guy.

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