What actually happens on the job

On Tuesday, the Stony Brook Greene Team took a tour through Newsday. We saw the newsroom, the presses and then got to ask questions to Newsday reporters.

A very interesting question was brought up: Someone asked “can you describe your day-to-day life as a reporter?” It was an intriguing question because most of us aspire to be like them, but none of us really know what actually happens on the job.

The answers we got were extremely intriguing. One reporter said there was no “day-to-day” life because being a reporter was very spontaneous and you never knew what kind of news there was going to be. Some days they conduct interviews, others they are in the office writing, and others they get a call for a breaking news story that they have to go on location and cover immediately. This excites me because I think I would fit very well into that spur-of-the-moment kind of life. Hearing others’ experiences like that makes me look forward to working in the industry. The excitement of finding something that I’m really passionate to write about is what makes me keep trying to improve my skills so I can succeed in journalism.

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