Where I’m more comfortable: Behind the camera

All this talk about interviewing and broadcasting is starting to make me nervous. The idea of appearing in video, of having to ask a random stranger questions while still trying to get successful shots and the stress of having to edit an hour of tape into a concise 2 minute newscast – well it’s enough to make me shudder.

Luckily, there is one place where I feel more comfortable: behind the camera. After a morning of writing, blogging, and videotaping I was looking forward to the four-hour long still photography class with John Williams. It can be intimidating when everyone else here is an editor of their school newspaper and has a lot of experience with journalism. I knew that still photography was one area that I felt confident in. There was still a lot left to learn though! After teaching us the basics in the newsroom, we went outside and tried out all that we learned. We were instructed to set our cameras to manual and were forced to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture on our own. This proved challenging, however, I think my peers and I were surprised to discover how great our photos came out when we learned to manipulate the images manually.

I decided that in the coming days, I will make an effort to step out of my comfort zone. I hope to shed some of my anxieties and learn to be more confident in myself, even when exploring areas I may be unfamiliar with.

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