A short stay with lasting impressions

Today was the last full day I have here and it was by far the most fun.

I interviewed someone everyone should strive to be—a 20-year-old student named Ruchi Shah. Seeing how passionate she is about her goals really lit a fire in my belly about kicking my plans for the future into overdrive.

Today I also learned just how fun video editing can be, and I can safely say that it could be my career.

I realized this type of work truly can be fun—I found my love for not just video editing but word editing as well. I’m so excited to go back to my school’s newspaper and teach them everything I’ve learned here. Even now I have so many stories  in mind and I’m so ready to take on every single part of their completion processes on my own.

Coming out of here, I feel like I have evolved into an entirely different journalist. I thought they were joking when the advisors said they could cram an entire college program into a week and see dramatic change, but I know better now, because they were very much correct.

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