Reporting to you live from the SBU Newsroom

By Natalia Revere
July 20, 2015

This newsroom is insane! We have two computer monitors that I can use at the same time! I’ve only seen that on TV and movies so you can understand how excited I am about that. Professor Dowdy and Duffy are great also. I really enjoyed this morning’s lesson on what makes something newsworthy. I’ve taken a journalism class at my school but it is absolutely nothing compared to this, and we have only been here for a day and a half.

At my school in Oceanside, our newspaper is as unconventional as it gets. We don’t meet as a whole group every week or decide on the cover story together. We are lucky if we get one meeting a month which is usually dubbed the “article handout meeting” where we discuss current events and if we want to write an article on them. This is my first ever experience in a newsroom, so you can imagine how excited, yet completely intimidated, I am.

In a few minutes we will gathering in another room to have a press conference with the District #5 Suffolk County Legislator Kara Hahn. I’ve never been one to exactly jump at the offer of speaking in front of a lot of people, let alone a county legislator, but this week is all about trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I’m especially excited to go to the Ducks game on Wednesday, considering that my entire family consists of baseball fanatics! (Including myself… GO YANKS!) At school I am the sports editor and photographer for the newspaper, so I’m looking to gain some new tips and tricks that I can apply to my articles for the upcoming school year. And I really wish I brought my camera with me. Photography is my ultimate passion, with journalism following close behind. I’ve had my photos published in sports magazines, and was a finalist two years in a row for a competition sponsored by Nikon for the best college and high school photographers.

Well, that’s all for now. Check in later for an update on how the press conference went.

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