I feel like the typical teenage blogger!

By Natalia Revere
July 21, 2015

Here I am sitting in my dorm with my face mask, pineapple pajamas and Netflix blogging about my day. How much more typical can I get?

Just kidding! Well, not really. I do have pineapple pajamas and a face mask on.

Today we were lucky enough to meet the outstanding photojournalist John Williams, who works for Newsday. His lesson might have been the most informational 2+ hours of my entire life. Learning from a professional about the aperture, the f-stop and the ISO was incredible. When Mr. Williams showed us a quick slideshow of a few of his photos while on the job, I immediately knew I chose the right path. Seeing those photos and hearing his story instantly made me want to zip right through my senior year, and all of college and go straight to being a photojournalist.

I love to write, but I’ll be honest here, there is something about the challenge of cramming an entire news story into a photo that intrigues me to a whole new extent. Having John Williams tell me that my photos were incredible made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning! I always feel my work is never good enough, that there is always room for improvement and when Mr. Williams said that’s what makes a great photographer, my smile stretched to a length I didn’t know possible.

Rick Ricioppo came to teach us as well. Learning from him about the components of newsworthy video was also extremely interesting. I never knew there was a specific mantra they follow. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to know that I already memorized it. Wide, medium, tight, super tight, action, reaction and capture the moment! And no, I promise I didn’t copy that off of my notes.

Overall, the second day was great! I’m really excited to continue learning from John Williams, considering I plan on becoming a photojournalist as well.

Until tomorrow, my fellow Greene teamers and parent readers.

(I’ll probably have my face mask and fruit pajamas on again.)

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