Submerged in sedulous sampling

By Solyman Hatami
July 21, 2015

As the sun rises on this fine midsummer Wednesday, the second full day came to a dwindling close, as the third just began.

Yesterday was an amazing experience, as after a session with John Williams, my unnamed team went with the Empower SCI at their dorms, getting to interview not only the participants of the program, but the staff as well. Although later roasted by Professor Ricioppo, we managed to fix most of our recording mistakes for the next reporting assignment about SBU’s Global Medical Brigades, which included Greene alumni Sabrina Syed.

Finalcut editing took up a majority of the evening. Back in the dorms, the sentimentality of back home is striking severely due to the lack of having my pet cat wandering around my room, as it usually would. Interestingly enough, Jerry gave us an overview of his own novel in production.

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