Greene Extreme, first assignments, and editing

By Gusmery Ramirez
July 25, 2015

I felt like a journalist today, and it’s only day three. John Williams came back to make sure we had our portrait-taking skills down packed. Afterwards, we broke up into 4 teams.

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In our teams, we’re assigned 3-4 stories. We choose who writes, films, and interviews. One of our stories, which I am in charge of writing, is on the orientation for incoming freshmen in Stony Brook. We went out, interviewed team and orientation leaders as well as the director and assistant director.

While writing the article back in the newsroom, I switched directions in terms of what I was focusing on, which was a learning experience in itself. Thanks to Professor Dowdy, I took on a new approach and perspective.

Then Professor Ricioppo came back and taught us how to edit and that quickly turned into my favorite part of the day. Final Cut Pro isn’t as complicated as it looks. And I thought it was therapeutic.

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