Ducks fans dodge line drives, flying bats – still quack for hometown team

To ensure the safety of everyone inside the ballpark, bags are checked, park staff is stationed at every part of the ballpark and paramedics arrive over an hour prior to the game.

Duck ‘N Cover: Revolution Stumps Long Island Ducks

A ninth inning rally wasn’t enough for the Long Island Ducks as they fell to the Pennsylvania York Revolution, 4-1, on Wednesday night.

Finally rid of my parents! 

By Tara O’Donovan July 20, 2015 By Tara O’Donovan I couldn’t help but smile the whole car ride over. It’s a taste of college and I’m loving it. Of course not having my parents breathing down my neck is always a plus, but I miss my brother, best friend, and adorable(ish) dog. My young pup, … Continue reading Finally rid of my parents!